Virtual Private Servers

Build your slice of the cloud on our virtual private server platform. Choose between a variety of operating systems and hardware configurations that best suit your needs.


Maximum Performance
We only use the industry's latest solid state disks for the fastest VPS experience.
Limitless addresses
The future of IP is here, and all virtual servers have IPv6 on by default.
Bring your own prefixes
Have an IP allocation from an RIR? We'll stand up a BGP session free of charge.
Nested Virtualization
With the KVM Hypervisor
With nested virtualization support, you can run many servers inside your VPS.
Virtual Console
Remote access via VNC
Get remote access to your server with a web-based VNC console whenever you need.
OS Distributions
Take your pick
Choose from a wide variety of OS distributions, or bring your own via an ISO.


Memory vCPUs Disk Bandwidth Price
1 GB 1 10GB 2TB (IPv6 only) $3/month
1 GB 1 20GB 2TB $5/month
2 GB 2 40GB 3TB $10/month
4 GB 2 80GB 6TB $20/month
8 GB 4 160GB 8TB $40/month
16 GB 6 200GB 12TB $80/month