The transit platform
for tinkerers

Starting your own ISP? BGP hobbyist? Announce your IP addresses to the rest of the internet, get a full routing table, all with benefits of high performance virtual routers.

App screenshot
App screenshot
Performance Virtual Routers
Your virtual router is yours to configure however you would like. Want to run raw Linux with BIRD? No problem. More comfortable with a full-fledged router platform like VyOS? Can do.
Border Gateway Protocol
Once you've set up your router, establish a BGP connection to our routers and your prefixes will be announced to the larger internet in a matter of hours with our automated transit pipeline. Updates happen multiple times a day.
App screenshot
App screenshot
Safe IP Transit
The trusting nature of BGP can make it easy to make mistakes. We ensure that only the prefixes you're allowed to announce make it through to the DFZ.
Frequently asked questions
Do you offer IPv6?

Yes, our global network is dual stack IPv4 and IPv6. Each virtual router gets a /64, with larger prefixes available at request.

Do you support BGP communities?

Yes, you can modify how your prefixes transit our network using the BGP communities documented on our peering page.

How is bandwidth calculated?

Your bandwidth is determined based on the higher value of your inbound or outbound traffic. Not both.

What if I go over my bandwidth allowance?

Bandwidth is charged at $0.04 per additional gigabyte transferred.

Do you charge for virtual routers that are powered off?

We do. A virtual router, even in an off state, still costs money to reserve and operate in our infrastructure.

I don't have an ASN, can you originate my prefixes?

We can as long as the prefixes are RPKI valid, or have a IRR route object from a trusted RIR. Both options require a LoA and there is a $99 setup fee.

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