Peering Policy

Neptune Networks operates AS397143. We have an open peering policy.

We have no requirements in terms of traffic, size, or support/SLA. We operate both IPv4 and IPv6 and appreciate peering with both protocols.

Please contact to initiate peering.

Find us on PeeringDB here.


  • ASN: 397143
  • Contact:


Name Location Address Ports
NY1 Telehouse Chelsea 85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011 1G/10G/40G
NY2 Cologuard - CGNY1 882 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11232 1G/10G


Exchange City IPv4 IPv6 Speed
NYIIX New York 2001:504:1::A539:7143:1 1G

BGP Communities

Because our ASN is 32 bits, and because we value the ability to add more information, we use BGP large communities. They are inspired by RFC8195.


Informational BGP communities offer insight into Neptune's routing policies.


Community Description
397143:101:1 Originated by Neptune Networks (AS397143)
397143:101:2 Learned from IX
397143:101:3 Learned from private peer
397143:101:4 Learned from transit provider
397143:101:5 Learned from customer


Octets in the function field are the numeric country identifier defined by ISO 3166-1.

Community Description
397143:102:840 Learned in the U.S.


Community Description
397143:103:1 Learned at NY1


BGP communities which manipulate the routing policy.


Community Description
397143:900:1 Prepend 397143 once on export to all AS's
397143:900:2 Prepend 397143 twice on export to all AS's
397143:900:3 Prepend 397143 thrice on export to all AS's
397143:991:xxxxx Prepend 397143 once on export to AS xxxxx
397143:992:xxxxx Prepend 397143 twice on export to AS xxxxx
397143:993:xxxxx Prepend 397143 thrice on export to AS xxxxx


Community Description
397143:600:xxxxx Do not export to AS xxxxx
397143:601:2 Do not export to IX peers
397143:601:3 Do not export to private peers
397143:601:4 Do not export to transit providers
397143:601:5 Do not export to customers
397143:602:840 Do not export in U.S.
397143:603:1 Do not export in NY1